Friday, April 17, 2009


Linear Tomography is a radiographic procedure that uses linear movement
to image structures of the anatomy clearly and with enhanced contrast.
Structures within the object plane are properly imaged and show good
contrast, while objects that lie above and below the plane are
Tomography is imaging by sections or sectioning of the anatomy. The device used in Tomography is called a tomograph, and the image produced is a tomogram. A tomography of

several sections of the body is known as a polytomography.
The purpose of Tomography is to create a precise tomographic image of various sections or structures of the anatomy to aid in patient diagnosis. In linear tomography the tomographic exam is designed to image only the anatomy that lies in a plane of interest, while blurring out

structures on either side of that plane. The radiographic contrast of the tissus of interest is

enhanced by blurring the anatomical structures above and below that tissue.